Investigator Accreditation

Price: $295.00

Product Description

This item provides accreditation in the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ process, certifying that you are an accomplished investigator using the tools and techniques of ARCA™/RealityCharting®. Pre-requisites are having either completed ARCA™ Classroom training or completed all five steps in the RealityCharting Learning Center™. Both are recommended.

You will be required to successfully complete a 50-question examination about the ARCA™ process, and work two facilitation exercises using RealityCharting®. You will be asked to submit these two Realitycharts for review and approval by an Accredited Instructor. To learn more, go to Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ Accreditation.

Effective problem-solving is the single most asked for skillset among employers. With an Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ Accreditation you have tangible proof of these skills. Simply reference the list of accredited inidviduals.