Apollo Root Cause Analysis© also known as Reality Charting® has been taught to well over 100,000 people worldwide in eleven different languages for the past 22+ years. It has become known as the preeminent RCA methodology and is used by many of the fortune 500 companies and US government agencies like the FAA and NASA. Since effective problem-solvers are always in high demand, we regularly get calls from employers who are looking for someone who is "certified" in Apollo Root Cause Analysis. Up until now, we have not had a certification or accreditation program to be able to assure that our recommendations are accurate. So, to ensure we do not refer unqualified people, we have created an accreditation program that tests your knowledge and skills as an Investigator and as a Facilitator. Attending a class or learning from the RC Learning Center™ is one thing, but showing that you have retained and implemented what you learned is quite another. Accreditation proves to anyone that you have taken what you learned to the next level and thus adds great value to your qualifications. Remember, the single most common job skill employers ask for is "good problem-solving skills." By having the skills to analyze any event and provide effective solutions, you an your organization will prevent problems from recurring and significantly increase the bottom line.